Terms and Conditions of Service

This is an agreement between you (“the Client”) and Laptop Rescue Computer Repairs (“Laptop Rescue”) for the purposes of our pick-up/drop off, diagnostic, repair and upgrade services. You must agree to these terms for us to begin diagnostic or repair work on your device. These terms are subject to be updated at the sole discretion of Laptop Rescue.

Pick-up and Drop Off and Site Visits

Our pick-up and drop off service operates on scheduled days for the week. The pick-up and drop-off price includes both directions. We visit each area (see our website for service areas) weekly, and some less frequently. You can choose to arrange only pick-up or drop off for time-sensitive jobs and the service can be completed within the agreed-upon time frame. Our site visits follow the same schedule as our pick-up and drop off service. When requesting a site visit, you agree to provide a safe, well-lit, well-ventilated, and reasonably noise-free environment for us to perform our services. The site visit cost quoted may be a flat rate or hourly based on the circumstances, and this will be communicated in advance.

Diagnostics and Quotes

Before we can perform a repair or replace parts, it is necessary for us to perform our diagnostic service. This allows us to identify damaged parts, check availability of replacements, or check for other major hardware or software issues. It also allows us to provide a quote for the parts and service fees before you commit to a repair. Our diagnostic process may take up to one week.

Down Payments and Shipping Times

Our standard down payment on specially ordered parts is 75%. After your down payment is made, we begin the process of securing your parts. Shipping times vary depending on several factors out of our control. The average shipping time for parts is 2 weeks but may be longer- we will do our best to notify you of extended shipping times, but unexpected delays may still occur.


Our skilled technicians take every precaution to ensure no further damage is caused to your device during the diagnostic and repair processes. However, the process of disassembling a delicate electronic device, either with existing damage or with normal age-related wear-and-tear, may lead to nearby already-weakened parts being further damaged. We cannot be held responsible for damages that occur during our service. Note that you are also required to indicate if a device was previously operated on either by yourself or by another technician.

Warranty and Disclaimer

Repairs carry a 30-day warranty on the cost of labour unless otherwise specified. There is no warranty on water damage repairs or attempts to recover data or other repairs as specified on a case-by-case basis. Specially ordered parts and batteries are not covered under warranty. Warranty on retail parts is 30 days. Note: We are not liable for the cost of specially ordered parts if the outcome of the repair is unsuccessful. In the event issues with other parts are discovered only after replacing a faulty part, we will notify you and you can choose to proceed with the subsequent repair or halt. In either case, we will not be liable for the cost of either the initial replacement part or subsequent parts.

Storage Fees and Abandoned Devices

Devices left over 30 days following our diagnostic report or our notification of a completed repair are subject to storage fees of TT$20/day. Devices left over180 days or 6 months are considered abandoned and may be sold to recover costs associated with storing and/or repairing the device.