Anatomy of a Laptop Body

A diagram of the important components of laptop hinges.
A diagram of the important components of laptop hinges.

The two main parts of a typical laptop body or housing are the lid and the base, with the hinges connecting them.

The lid is composed of the screen or LCD panel, the top cover which holds everything and the bezel which surrounds the screen. The webcam, microphone and Wi-Fi antenna are also in the lid. The base contains all the other parts of the laptop including the motherboard, memory and hard drive.

Laptop hinges are metal but are hidden inside the lid and base. These metal hinge brackets attach to the plastic (sometimes aluminium) parts of the body - the top cover of the lid and either the bottom cover of the base or the upper cover of the base (also known as the palm rest). The cable connecting the motherboard to the screen and webcam passes through a hinge in addition to the Wi-Fi antenna cable.

How Hinges Fail

The points at which screws secure the metal hinges to the plastic body are especially prone to damage.

The points at which the metal brackets attach to the plastic body are subject to the most stress when the lid is opened and closed.

Trying to open the lid too far may occur either on purpose or because of a fall or someone tumbling onto the laptop. This usually causes the plastic body to crack near the points where screws attach the metal brackets to them. Sometimes the metal brackets break as well.

Most (90%) of hinge repairs involve breakage of the top cover, and some of these also involve the metal brackets. The other 10% involve breakage of attachments in the base. The components which make up the base are the bottom cover and the palm rest, which tend to be more expensive to replace than the top cover.

When the metal hinge bracket separates from the top cover, the bezel (border of the screen) may become detached or damaged as well. Replacing the bezel is usually not required to restore the strength of the hinge, but broken bezels may leave delicate cables or parts of the screen exposed.

How We Can Help

In cases where the top cover is broken, most customers choose to replace it. In this case, it has to be specially-ordered as the top covers are very specific to each laptop, unlike LCD screens which are more standardised or RAM (memory) which is very standardised. It is simply not feasible to stock up on top covers for each of the thousands of laptop models on the market. Sometimes the metal hinge bracket must be replaced and this is also a special-order item. This option can bring the laptop back to its original condition. Notes:

  1. Depending on the brand of the laptop, and the quality of the images and videos of the damage you send to us, we may be able to provide a quote without physically inspecting the laptop (mainly HP and Lenovo). In other cases, we need to inspect it to determine the correct replacement part numbers.
  2. We require a down payment of 75% of the cost of the part(s) only to make the special order. You will receive an invoice, and a receipt for your down payment.
  3. The average wait time for arrival of the parts is approximately 2 weeks - delays in shipping and customs can extend that time.
  4. As soon as the part is received, you will be notified and you can bring the device in for installation. Wait times vary from same-day to 3 business days, depending on workload.
  5. The balance for the part and the installation fee are paid after the repair is complete.

While we recommend against using nuts and bolts, plastic welding and other non-standard methods for this repair, it may be possible in limited circumstances. We cannot offer a warranty for these types of repair, and a waiver must be signed before they are performed, due to the risk of further damage.


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