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Screen replacements

A cracked screen doesn't have to mean the end of your device's life. Cost-effective screen replacements save you from spending on a new device.

Hinge and body repairs

After you try to walk with your laptop screen and keyboard separately, we can undo the destruction.

On-site repairs

Our on-site repair service saves you the time and effort of bringing your computer for repairs. For longer jobs, we offer pickup and drop off.

Battery replacements

We stock popular batteries and can supply and install any battery as needed, guaranteed to work with your device.

Data recovery and forgotten passwords

Your device may be expensive, but your memories are priceless. We can recover deleted files, formatted or failing drives, corrupted disks, files from accounts with forgotten passwords and more.

Upgrades and speed improvements

Let slow startups and freezing be past memories. We can recommend and install hardware and software upgrades to improve speed and reliability.

Virus and malware removal

Viruses, spyware and adware slow your system down and compromise your privacy. Let us help you regain control.

Troubleshooting and error repair

We can troubleshoot and repair hardware and software issues including Windows blue screens, startup errors, and system corruption.

[NEW!] Board repairs

We can now perform repairs on a circuit-board level to laptop/PC motherboards. A faulty is prohibitively costly to replace - usually it is more economical to buy a new laptop. Now, we can diagnose and repair many faults on several motherboards, resulting in huge savings to you.

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